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EMC Essential Motorcycle Care - Tires Service

Every time you ride your bike, the life of your tires and brakes deteriorate. We can check the condition of these essential safety components in just a few minutes, right in our parking lot.

ALL BRANDS AVAILABLE – Please contact us for pricing.

If your size is not in stock we can have them within 2 days. Whether you ride a Dirt Bike, Road King, ATV, or Scooter, we can supply the tire that’s right for you.

Got a vintage bike? No Problem.
We have access to several tire brands built to original specifications and colors.

Our facility features three motorcycle lifts, state of the art balancer and two knowledgable technicians to complete your tire installations and get you on your way.

EMC Essential Motorcycle Care - Breaks Service

Your brakes and tires are the two most important safety systems on your bike, so don’t let them get past their useful lifespan.

It is imperative to ensure that your brakes and tires are in optimum condition to be confident in their ability to work as designed.

Keep in mind that we make it an automatic priority to check your brakes during a tire change and will report your brake pad wear to you.

We stock a variety of sizes and have quick access to many makes of motorcycle, scooter or ATV brakes.
We also supply EBC brakes.

EMC Essential Motorcycle Care - Oil Service

If you need a quick engine oil change, or a comprehensive fluid change, we can typically do it for you that same day.

No matter what age, make or model your bike is, we can take care of the routine engine oil changes necessary to ensure it is running it’s best all year round.

Remember, oil is cheap, new engines aren’t!

We suggest changing your oil every 5000kms.

EMC Essential Motorcycle Care - Battery Service

Your motorcycle battery is one of the most important components of its operation. Make sure you keep your battery in the best condition possible.

We stock a variety of batteries and ordering the battery to suit your application is available too.

Not sure if your battery is functioning properly? Have us take a look and test it for you. Your vehicle’s battery upkeep helps keep your riding season trouble free.

EMC Essential Motorcycle Care - Services

Book your EMC service today so your motorcycle is taken care of for the riding season.

Tire Pressure & Tread Level Check

Brake Level Check/Moisture Level

Oil Check and Change

Battery Voltage Check

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Your Total Sorce For Diagnostics and Tuning

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  • Works on all duel injected Harley Davidson ECU’s.
  • Simultanious modification of both front & rear fuel and spark tables.
  • Data Logging and analysis.
  • Allows for backing-up and restoring original maps, re-flashing stock ECUs, and performing routine diagnostics.
  • Speedometer Calibration.
  • A large array of tuning tables and settings to get the job done right, absolutely.

Keep It Original

  • Tune a stock ECU.
  • No piggybacking.
  • No extra wires.

Keep It Fast

  • More horsepower.
  • More torque.
  • Custom tune for your bike.

Keep It Affordable

  • Increase fuel efficiency.
  • Keep your bike running smoother for longer.
  • Save money over the long run.

We pride ourselves on helping you create the perfect bike to fit your style, personality and needs. We’ll assist you in designing and building the bike of your dreams! It doesn’t matter if it is a cafe racer or a pro-street chopper, we will make sure the bike you dream of is the bike you will be riding.

In tune with custom builds & proud to service bikes of all brands.
After all, the destination is all about the journey,
so let us make yours as smooth as it can be

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Yuasa Automatic Battery Maintainers

Keeps your battery voltage at proper voltage over the winter, nothing worse than dead battery when spring comes, $52.95 while supplies last, Reg price-$62.95, Keeps your battery voltage at proper voltage over the winter, nothing worse than dead battery when spring comes, $52.95 while supplies last, Reg price-$62.95

LED Headlites, Driving lights starting at $139.95, Come check them out

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